We’re Amazoning!

We’re super passionate about selling our stuff locally & we’ll never stop this (get in touch if you’d like to stock our stuff), but we’d really love to spread the Hitch & Hop message to everyone (not just Surrey) which is why, with help from our chums at TSG Retail, we’ve now got a limited number of cushions onto the hugest online marketplace, AMAZON! Hopefully, you’ll already know that we’re all about doing good, providing a personalised service and making cool stuff (which we love to do), so we’ll reassess our position after a trial and check we’re still able to align with what’s important to us (& all of you).

We’ll still be providing our very best service for bespoke cushions & memory orders, to customers old and new and continue to collaborate with regular customers & interior designers. This is an exciting step for us all at Hitch & Hop – Thank you to everyone who’s sitting on one of our cushions and continues to support us on our Journey – X

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