love in the countryside #litc

Love in the countryside

We were SHOCKED (actually we knew all about it) to see our very own Luke on BBCs Love In The Countryside, chatting about horses, cushions but mostly trying to find #LITC

What did you think?

If you managed to catch it, what did you think? Did David make the right choice? Who would you have picked? And wasn’t the Hitch & Hop Cushion a lovely gift? – Leave your comments below in the reply box…

‘Friend Zoned’

Luke didn’t find love but from what he’s told us over a cuppa & cake, is that he had a brill time and made a great ‘friend’ in farmer David. And although It’s unlikely you’ll see either of them onto ‘Strictly 2020’ you might see Luke manning the Hitch & Hop stall at a craft fair near you!

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