lets start from the beginning

Our mission

We add something new to something old to create innovative and unique accessories designed to give your living space a distinguished look, provide a talking piece for guests or a thoughtful gift to be cherished.

our vision

Our vision has remained steadfast since we began our story; to create unique products that transform living spaces into homes. We are committed to providing beautiful products with special stories, to be cherished for the long term. We hope you fall for them just as much as we have!

Where’d it all start?

Founded in 2015, Hitch and Hop was borne from innovative design and a very British passion for up-cycling unwanted materials. Giving otherwise unwanted quality materials new life, we endeavour to not only save waste textiles from a rather gloomier end, but to give them a whole new lease of life! 


Yes! Everything! Each item is personally handmade in our Surrey studio with all the care and love we would expect ourselves. Using carefully selected new and up-cycled materials, our master craftsman hitch and hop each piece into new life – ready to join you at home, and far away from the landfill sites they were originally destined for.

whats in a name?

‘Hitch & Hop’ A carriage driving term when one horse of a pair momentarily breaks its trotting stride, to trot in synchronisation with the other horse creating a harmonised pair, in a ‘hitch and hop’ movement.’ In echo of this equestrian phenomenon, here at Hitch & Hop we take two quality materials – up-cycled leather and Harris tweed – and ‘Hitch & Hop’ them together to create a harmonised product. 

Spread the love

At Hitch & Hop we value our loved ones just as much as we love our products. Therefore, we have named every item after a significant special someone to the Hitch and Hop journey. Whether it be a friend, someone we look up to, or an extra social someone who has provided support, motivation and ideas when things get tough; we value the people around us. Just as we value the people our special products head home with.

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    • hitchandhop@outlook.com says:

      Hey Kudos,

      I’d love to take credit for the website but my colleagues at http://www.cscommerceltd.com created it for me, they’re great value and really personable. If you get in touch, I’m sure they’d love to help you out.

      TY – Hitch&Hop

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